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A Surprise Testimonial for Physio 360

Steve is a 63 year old optician locally who has been dispensing for 35 + years.Steve is hyperoptic; his Rx is about +3.25-75 ou.
In his presbyoptic years he has never been able to wear a progressive add lens. It's not for lack of trying, as he has tried often but will immediately discard these lenses for a lined trifocal. Until last week.
Steve and I have been talking about digitally surface lenses over the last month or so, and Steve consented to try a pair. After selecting a frame which would give him good horizontal and vertical eye movement he sent me the frame and his request for yet another PAL this time digitally surface. One more try.
Steve measured his fitting height at 20 which gave us room to work with a few lens choices.
I decided to put him into the Varilux Physio 360 which would work well in his selected frame. The Physio is new design technology with Wave Front and the 360 is digitally surfaced. A good choice for his Rx.
We delivered the job last week, on 2/20.
Here is Steve's note that followed the next day.
"What an astounding difference (in my Rx range) with these digitally surfaced lenses !! I put them on for the first time about 90 minutes ago and, yes, they're different from the trifocals, naturally, but it seems that all of what I couldn't tolerate in previous pairs is GONE. Image swim is almost eliminated. Walking is no problem ( was with the other PAL's). No queasiness. So far I'm encouraged. I think I can wear these. Thank you for your help, thank you all for the lenses!!!

Edging Guidelines for Crizal Avance'

Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector Availability

Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector lenses provide unmatched cleanability and durability and when combined with Varilux 360 and Essilor's other digitally surfaced progressive lens designs, patients will receive the best vision solution available.

Crizal of Choice
The following digitally surfaced Progressive lenses are available with the ECP's Crizal of choice. This includes Crizal, Crizal Alize', Crizal Alize' with Clearguard, and Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector.

Varilux 360 Lenses:
Varilux Physio 360 lens
Varilux Comfort 360 lens
Varilux Ellipse 360 lens

Essilor Progressive Lenses:
Accolade Freedom lens

Systematic Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector
Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector is systematic on the following lens designs and materials:
Varilux Ipseo lens
Thin&Lite 1.74 lens materials

Definity Lenses
Definity and Definity Short lenses are available with or without a Crizal of choice.


Beginning February 1st, Advance Optical will begin processing the new Transitions VI products where available. Most Transitions products in CR-39, polycarbonate, high-indes, and Trivex will eventually be made in the new Transitions VI technology. While many styles of progressive lenses will be available immediately some of the most popular styles will not be available until March, and some of the infrequently used styles will not be replaced until current inventories are reduced.

Varilux/Essilor will delay launch of The Comfort, Panamic, Natural, Adaptar, and Accolade until March 14th. Physio, Ellipse, Ovation and Definity will be part of the February 1st release.

Carl Zeiss Vision will not be converting these products to Gen VI: Sola XL, AO Pro, and Percepta. These products will be supported in Gen V until 12/31/2008. None of the 1.54 index Velocity product will be converted as the current Velocity products already have comparable performance to Trans.VI. All other product will be available February 1st.

Core products such as single vision, ST28,ST35,and 7x28 trifocal in CR39 will be available immediately, as well as single vision in polycarbonate, and all styles in Trilogy.

This Transitions upgrade is world wide, and will enable all Transitions VI product to perform the same. This means changing a bit faster both indoors and outdoors, and not being as temperature dependent as previous lenses.

Image Wrap

Younger Optics announces the launch of the Image Wrap lens in polycarbonate NuPolar Gray. What's useful about this product is that it is available as a decentered blank effectively making it the same as an 83mm blank, permitting cut out where normally there might be difficulty due to large frame/narrow PD syndrome.

The blank is available only in an 8 B.C. which limits its usefulness for myopic patients. Available adds are 1.00-3.00.

Introducing Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard

The Big news is finally here!

Introducing Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector lenses:
The first lens that is made to stay clean - Essilor delivers uncompromised Anti-Reflective (AR) performance!

Effective Tuesday, January 15, 2008, Essilor is pleased to introduce our most advanced technology from Crizal lenses, the new Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector lenses.

Nothing can get in the way of the clarity of new Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector - the lenses that combine the superior performance of Crizal with the unmatched cleanability of Scotchgard Protector. Consumers know and associate Scotchgard Protector with protection and reliability. With 95% US consumer brand awareness, patients will ask your ECPs for Crizal with Scotchgard Protector lenses by name, and you are assured in providing the ultimate benefit - uncompromised clarity of vision.

Key Benefits
The new Crizal Avance' with Scotchgard Protector lens technology delivers:
- Lenses that are the easiest to clean AR lens on the market and stay cleaner even longer with an improved contact angle of 116 degrees
- Lenses start out and stay the easiest to clean even after 20,000 cleanings, defending the integrity of the AR efficiency and protecting the lens from scratches that can result from regular cleanings
 Lenses that combine the anti-static technology of Crizal Alize' with Clearguard and the improved cleanability of Scotchgard Protector to repel dust, dirt, fingerprints, oil and grease better than ever

It's a Girl

Giada Isabella DeMarco born on November 2, 2007 to our Lisa and Guiseppe DeMarco.

Vision Monday Article about Advance Optical

A Closer Look at Lenses...

Advance Optical Sales Company

Arthur Kolko from Advance Optical Sales Company, in Rochester, N.Y. is an acknowledged lens guru. Over 30 years of experience in the optical industry has given him the knowledge and ability to provide as much product information as possible without discrimination to his customers. One of the most impressive communication tools Advance uses to provide information to their customers is its online blog. The online blog was designed to provide customers with the latest information in the lens industry. Kolko noted that the blog was also designed to "...promote individual brands that work. When you find something that works, it is easy to promote it and sell it."

Advance Optical's online blog provides their existing and prospective customers with information about the various product releases, alerts users to product problems or backorders and provides a general place for users to comment about what is going on in the industry.

Advance Optical's experience with various lens types is also seen in the service it provides to customers. "Although Varilux is our lens of choice, we do our best to have access to every lens product so that we may be a 'supermarket' of lenses to best handle all of our customers needs," Kolko said. In addition to providing a wide range of lenses, Advance Optical also strives to educate their customers and prospective customers about what lens technologies are available and help them select the best lens for each job. In addition to their online blog, they are achieving this by providing seminars, lab tours and working one-on-one with their customers.

According to Advance Optical, their customers regularly call them to provide lens expertise for difficult patient prescriptions. "We have earned the trust of our customers through our lens recommendations," Kolko noted. By sharing their lens experience and knowledge with eyecare professionals, Advance is directly involved in increasing patient satisfaction with their eyewear, their greatest goal. --Samantha Toth

Order Online with VisionWeb

Advance Optical is now a part of the VisionWeb supplier network. Using VisionWeb's online eyecare product ordering service, accounts will be able to order spectacle lenses from Advance Optical through the VisionWeb website and practice management systems that are integrated with VisionWeb, including OfficeMate, Compulink, and OD Professional. A complete list of practice management systems integrated with VisionWeb is available at, under the Technology Partners heading.

There are many benefits to ordering online through VisionWeb, including faster receipt by suppliers, fewer order errors, online order tracking, and quicker fulfillment. Best of all, VisionWeb's online ordering service is free! Visit or call (800) 874-6601 to register your practice and add Advance Optical as a supplier on your VisionWeb account.

  About the Guru

Arthur Kolko is the resident Lens Guru at the Advance Optical; here you can find his musings about lenses, optics and fabrication techniques.

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