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Physio Available in Airwear Polarized

Essilor has announced the launch of the Physio in polycarbonate Airwear Polarized.
This lens will be available on October 31 from Advance Optical in polarized gray and polarized brown, and also with Crizal coating. In addition the Physio 360 will be available in Airwear Polarized with Crizal Alize’ with Clear Guard. Add availability is .75-3.50, and power range is +6.00 D to –10.00 up to –4.00 cylinder.

Plug Into the Power Promo by Essilor

Here's a chance to earn some healthy cash back when you order Varilux with Transitions from Advance Optical.
Advance Optical will provide a game sticker with every new order of Varilux Panamic Transitions, Varilux Comfort Transitions, Varilux Ellipse Transitions, and Varilux Liberty Transitions. An additional sticker will be sent with every Varilux Physio Transitions and every Varilux Physio 360 Transitions order.
Place the stickers on a Plug in the Power Game Card. When the game card is full with 20 stickers then mail the card to the redemption center and receive a $50.00 Best Buy Gift Card.
There is no limit to the number of game cards you can redeem. Also, each game card will be an entry into a drawing to be held at the end of the promotion period for a large screen HDTV. this promotion runs from October 2nd through January 31st.

More Ormex Bites the Dust

Essilor has identified three more Ormex products which will be discontinued.
These will be:
Natural Ormex (1.56) Transitions Grey
Single Vision Ormex (1.56) Transitions Grey
ST28 Ormex (1.56) Transitions Grey

Review Fitting PALs-Back to the Basics

Pete Hanlin of Essilor has published an excellent review of the basics on fitting PALs. You can read this article by clicking on this link:

Top PAL Sales for September

Here are our top selling progressives for the month of September.

1) VX Comfort ..dr.redo 1.4% non-adapt 2.2% scratch redo 1.7%
2) VX Ellipse.. dr.redo 1.6% non-adapt 1.2% scratch redo 2.4%
3) VX Panamic..dr.redo 1.5% non-adapt 2.2% scratch redo 3.2%
4) VX Physio.. dr.redo 1.2% non-adapt 1.3% scratch redo 1.6%
5) Piccolo.... dr.redo 1.6% non-adapt 1.6% scratch redo 1.3%
6) Image..... dr.redo 1.6% non-adapt 1.3% scratch redo 1.0%
7) VIP.......... dr.redo 0.6% non-adapt 5.2% scratch redo 1.9%
8) Ovation... dr.redo 0.7% non-adapt 2.9% scratch redo 2.9%
9) Genesis.... dr.redo 0.8% non-adapt 0.8% scratch redo 0.8%
10) Physio 360 dr.redo 4.7% non-adapt 0.0% scratch redo 0.1%

  About the Guru

Arthur Kolko is the resident Lens Guru at the Advance Optical; here you can find his musings about lenses, optics and fabrication techniques.

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